Bejawada – Naga Chaitanya And Amala Paul Film

Nag Chaitanya and Amala Paul Bejawada next film which is totally action packed movie is preparing to hit the screens. Despite warnings from many leading producer Kiran Koneru Vijayawada held a press conference and asserted the film’s story does not involve actual incidents occurred in Vijayawada a few years ago.

Kiran within the press meet, said the film is also Bejawada when compared to general operation of the Romance films, confused. ซีรี่ย์จีน declared that the sound is obviously a fantastic reply to the general public.

The storyline for the Nagachaitanya new movie Bejawada is around a guy who lives in people who are moving into vijayawada stays without problems source of Durgamaa and our hero.Diffence among god and hero is we praise god daily and our hero takes the will be ahead for his people ,we need to watch for our hero what he did in bejawada as well as the Chaitanya will demonstrate his another side of his action,every character from the movie has imporatant role.Director for the movie is VivekKrishna. Producers are Ramgopal Varma and Kiran Koner.

Although the conflicts and problems, this program began Bejawada Rowdilu Vijayawada shooting July 10. The last participant to become listed on the cast along with the filming is Preetika Rao, sister of Bollywood actress Amrita Rao.

Rowdilu Bejawada would be the second film in Telugu Preetika Rao. The first film is the title of Varun Sandesh, who can be the scene of shooting. The actress may play the lead in Naga Chaitanya second woman starring Genelia D’Souza and film.

Rowdilu Bejawada Ram Gopal Varma is led by his former partner, Vivek Krishna. The story is based on the actual story of the rivalry between two politicians Devineni Nehru and late legislator Vangaveeti Ranga, who won the film in danger recently.

Like his previous films, Ram Gopal Varma latest movies Bejawada been a controversial film. Since the day it absolutely was announced that the film hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether the title, previously titled Bejawada Rowdilu, or the content with the film, based on the real story of former politicians to Vijayawada, Telugu film won strong reactions from different groups.

Proponents of Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga, the politician killed, Ram Gopal Varma warned they’d not permit the film, if you turn your head in a bad light. They would not tolerate any try and defame the first kind politician. Bejawada is founded on real conflicts between the two politicians Devineni Nehru and late legislator Vangaveeti Ranga.

Their rivalry took an ugly turn when they lost or their loved ones inside the struggle for supremacy. As a result, Devineni Nehru brothers murdered and Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga and the brother were killed inside 1980’s. However, the imminent Bejawada led by Vivek Krishna, Naga Chaitanya and also the stars and Amala Paul inside lead roles. It will be on display Nov. 24.